Beef Tendons Could Prevent Your Next Pregnancy

That right there is a condom made of beef tendon. (Apex Medical Technologies Inc.)

That right there is a condom made of beef tendon. (Apex Medical Technologies Inc.)

Imagine if we could pleasurably prevent unwanted pregnancy while also putting meat scraps to good use. That’s just one of the ideas that have reached the finalist stage for the challenge by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop the Next Generation of Condoms. There’s eleven different ideas in all that are going to try and make sex with a condom easier, possibly more pleasurable, and in some cases more effective (e.g. the condom specifically designed for anal sex). But why the beef tendon? The developer, Mark McGlothlin, told NPR that they would extract the collagen from the tendons to make the condoms which would give them the tensile strength needed to act as a barrier against sperm and STDs but wouldn’t feel like plastic to the guy wearing it. If beef tendons aren’t your thing they can also make them from fish scraps, which will go over better in India where the Hindus might not be down with using sacred cow parts on their own sacred parts.

You just have to see the commercial for another one of the finalists—this is for a condom applicator built in to the wrapper. So instead of having to take the condom out and position it correctly (which can be tough in the dark under the throes of passion) this just lets you snap and roll. But, oh, the commerical. It actually uses the phrase “throbbing manhood”. It’s after the jump.  Continue reading


Treat Your Newborn Like Curdled Milk If You Want It To Live


Back in 2005 a few researchers noticed that in rural parts of Uttar Pradesh, India a couple of easy-to-implement health messages made a big difference in neonatal mortality. The coolest was addressing the misconception that birth attendants shouldn’t wash their hands before the delivery. Locals didn’t think it was a big deal to have clean hands during the birth (only that they should wash their hands afterward to wash away the birth fluids). Health teachers cleared this up by comparing the process to how they prepared curdled milk—a local staple. Villagers knew that dirty hands would spoil the curdling process and when teachers explained the concept was the same for the germs passing on to the newborn it resonated with the moms and midwives. Neonatal mortality dropped by about fifty percent—from approximately 80/1,000 to 40/1,000. Maternal mortality also went down noticeably. The project included other important messages, like breastfeeding on the day of birth (instead of waiting for the priest to bless the birth) and the importance of skin-on-skin contact with the mother. 


Photo from Flickr/Gates Foundation


“Gee, thanks” says Cunnilingus to Michael Douglas


Did you hear? Did you hear? Of course you did. Because it was everywhere. Michael Douglas said his throat cancer* was caused by cunnilingus. Which is way too much information to know about Mr Douglas, but also isn’t necessarily the right information either. One strain of HPV (and there are over a hundred of them) has been known to cause oral cancers but it is very rare. A Johns Hopkins study of 166 people with oral cancers relating to HPV didn’t transmit it to their partners and researchers used these results and that of other studies to conclude that we can all just chill out. As for Douglas’ claim that oral sex is also the best cure for oral cancer? Um, whatever.

*That supposed throat cancer was actually tongue cancer but he lied a wee bit because he was about to do a bunch of press for his new movie Wall Street and didn’t want the media frenzy to be blown out of proportion. Luckily he made up for afterwards with the comments about oral sex.